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Manage & monetize traffic spikes

Put your traffic spikes to better use. 


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An irreplaceable tool for our speed-to market


Our editors can follow their own articles much more directly, take responsibility for performance, gain comprehensive actionables in a few clicks and apply this learning for their next article.

Traffic spikes are so exciting!

Knowing what to do with them is even more.

By spotting the 'big story', you instantly recognize the opportunities to scale your content exposure. Make the habit of reaching bigger audiences by promoting articles with highest reach.

Identify trends

How to deal with traffic spikes? First of all, you can spot spikes as they happen to determine which content is resonating with your audience. Knowing what's trending lets you tap into trending topics faster that competitors.


In your dashboard, switch to 10MIN mode to single out the very same article that caused the surge — along with its traffic source. Filter data by categories or topics to get a deeper overview.

Analysing which articles are poised to trend in the long run brings you closer to understanding your audience.

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Make a real-time impact
  • Use received insights to capitalize on trends

  • Distribute trending stories to other platforms

  • Pick out audience from organic search & explore search trends right away

  • Create sought-for materials faster than competitors

  • Instantly target audience with promotions

  • Supplement trending content with links to best evergreen materials

  • Surface best performers appropriately

  • Include adds onto the "big things"


Not sure what will work best in your case? Ask our experts about other tactics for monetizing highly trending content.


Detect UX bottlenecks

Traffic spikes allows you to assess how good is your website's usability. Glean from insights to define what elements your audience dislike. Solve formatting & technical issues to increase engagement.

Watch sudden drops as well to determine possible holdbacks.


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4_Beef up trending content with proper v
Beef up trending content 
with proper visuals

Want to see a real boost in engagement? Track which videos your audience is interacting with in real time and add them in recommendations to your best performing articles.

Turn your "big stories" from one-time magic into the tool that increases recirculation.

Foster quick responsiveness

As your team turbocharges their ability to act upon 
fast-changing data, it gains critical thinking, as well 
as the skill of leveraging data proactively and 
strategically. That is exactly what 
makes the most successful publishers stand out in a highly competitive digital media market.

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Excellent speed and scalability

Actionable insights that you need

Suitable for teams with limited technical knowledge

Trusted by

1200+ media brands across the globe

The fastest and most efficient means of analysing data
Ready to win more with live actionable insights?

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