Make decisions faster to outrun competitors

Use accurate real-time data to discover opportunities or maximize the performance of your content before it's too late.


Step 1 - Benchmark your content

Never wait for your data

Get a snapshot of reading behaviour, engagement time and recirculation just minutes after publishing the article.

Step 2 - Look closer

Find areas of improvement

Look for the stories that underperform with low scroll depth, engagement time or recirculation. 

Step 3 - Inspect reading funnels

Look at the reading behaviour

Does anyone ever reach the recommended content placed at the end of the article or it's simply not something that would pique their interest? How much of the content is actually read?

Step 4 - Maximizing the performance

Act faster

Use these insights to identify and fix content issues, rewriting or editing stories that don't flow, or enriching the pages with interactive content that boosts attention times.


Focus on improving articles with lowest recirculation by increasing in-text hyperlinks, moving them higher or changing the way they look.

Observe results instantly after and grow your session depth with no waiting time in-between.

Measuring the effectiveness in real-time

Discover the most engaging articles and channels

With our solution, you can measure the effectiveness of every piece of content and acquisition channel. You can see patterns and capture the trends, analyze the impact of content length, images, videos, headlines.   

Measuring content performance

Identify weaknesses and improve

No delay in figuring out why something did not work. We compare your results with the industry benchmarks giving you suggestions on what to improve. Separate promoted and organic traffic to measure your content performance.

Homepage tools

Adopt your homepage and articles based on clicks and scrolling depth

Enhance editorial intuition with data-driven insights and a widget to optimize a homepage and recommendations blocks to increase session depth and conversions.


of businesses today say they want to grow engaged loyal audience to boost organic traffic and content revenue

Use a dedicated tool that gives you the power to improve every stage of a reader experience to boost traffic, engagement and content revenue

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